Welcome to the Universal Design for Learning Lab (UD Lab), an assistive technology model classroom located in the Bagwell Education Building Room 217. The Universal Design for Learning Lab (UD Lab) here at Kennesaw State University is a place in which teachers-in-training, educators, administrators, assistive technology specialists and other interested parties are provided with an interactive experience in what it means to design and deliver instruction so that barriers to learning may be overcome.  

The Universal Design Lab blends technology with the philosophies of Universal Design for Learning, which is a scientific-based framework that guides the development of flexible learning environments that can accommodate individual learning styles. Universal Design for Learning addresses the "what, "how", and "why" of learning and facilitates curriculum content to be presented in different ways.

Our goal is help prepare teachers to anticipate and meet the varying barriers to learning students face. Visitors are immersed in the elements of Universal Design for Learning. The lab provides educators with hands-on experiences as they explore the most current high-tech and low-tech technology to provide learners with voice and choice in education universally designed learning environments.