Computer and book resources

Guests are offered hands-on experiences with the latest adaptive technology to meet the needs of students with physical, cognitive, and attention deficits. Both high tech and “low tech” assistive technology are available in the lab. Computer programs and applications are demonstrated to provide teachers a glimpse into a wide range of features of tools available to help students. Assistance with writing, math and attention are presented in the lab, as well, as most teachers will certainly address those issues immediately upon entering the classroom. The UD Universal Design for LearningLab also provides an interactive experience in Universal Design for Learning. Guests are asked to participate in activities in which they help problem solve in meeting the needs of various learners. Guests are introduced to the key tenants of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and are asked to incorporate them as they address various learning scenarios presented in the lab.

Visitors are presented with various scenarios characteristic of studentsUniversal Design for Learning with various learning needs.  They explore the model classroom with a selection of devices and application software technology to match the resources with the needs of the targeted student, including equipment, displays, and other resources in the lab to determine which of them might be used in planning instruction and in what manner would each resource be used to help the student. Please keep in mind school systems have varying resources. 

Tours can be customized to fit the individual needs of visitors.